Our Technologies

Unlike generic OCR software, DEEPSITE Document Insighter reads unseen, semistructured documents that don’t follow a standard template. We are using A.I. technologies include:

Image by Alina Grubnyak

Our Model

Document Insigher is powered by our self-developed deep learning models (GNN) for general table extraction. and intelligently structured field extraction for interesting data points. The model can be applied to any graph of unseen structure.

Our solution provides high accurate OCR engine supporting multiple languages​. Out self-developed Ontology engine can be used for synonyms matching. like material name, testing parameters in the supply chain.

Colors in English

Multilingualism OCR & Ontology

Metal Pipe Network

Zero-Touch workflow

Connect a single document gateway to all your existing inboxes, scanners and DMS systems. Or spin-off a brand new intelligent two-way inbox.

Save your team the time wasted on manually handling endless exceptions and partner inquiries. Document Insighter™ connects directly with both the senders and your IT systems to automate the workflow.