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Accounting Invoice

The relationship with your clients just became a whole lot more efficient. Watch bookkeeping entries get created from your client’s documentation instantly, and entered into their accounting software.

Credit risk assessment

Credit risk assessment involves a series of assessments relating to the process of credit underwriting and ongoing monitoring, including the analysis of financial information, verification of documents, and review of news related to the borrower. Document Insighter can be used to convert financial statements into a machine-readable format, and the overlay of computational and extraction engines can generate key indicators to facilitate credit analysis.

Insurance Claim

Document Insighter enables global insurers to read, contextualize, and action insurance claims, significantly improving speed and accuracy in decision-making. Its document processing has been developed specifically for the insurance sector to deal with hundreds of raw document variations, such as handwritten doctors’ notes. 


We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Automate the flow of documents, captured data, analytical data like cost codes or approvals independently of the target system. Document Insighter integrates with the leading systems and offers professional services for tailor-made integrations.